Are Previous Years Papers Important for CBSE Class 12 Exams?

Sample Papers or previous year question papers are the best resources in the preparation of Class 12 board examination. Solving the mock test not only gives you an ample amount of practice but also familiarize you with the exam pattern, which eventually increases your confidence. While you start your preparation for the CBSE Class 12 board examinations, there is one underrated part of preparation that one should not miss in order to crack the board exams.

CBSE previous year papers bring efficacy to your preparation as it helps you in covering all the scoring topics and allows you to focus on specific areas. Solving CBSE previous year question papers Class 12 not only help you in preparing for the exams in a better manner but also providing you with in-depth knowledge of the topics.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12

Are Previous Years Papers Important for CBSE Class 12 Exams?

Getting a good score in the Class 12 board exams requires dedicated and untiring focus towards studies on the part of students of Class 12. It is essential to adopt a strategic approach towards the exam where you must know the important and scoring topics from the exam point of view. Practice makes perfect, and there is no better way to practice then to attempt the CBSE Class 12 previous year papers.

Solving the CBSE Class 12 previous year papers can be helpful in multiple ways, check below some of the crucial ways in which practicing previous papers provide you with optimum marks in Class 12 board exams. These benefits are:

Improves Time Management Skills

Practicing CBSE Class 12 sample papers helps you in familiarizing with the pattern of the exam. It lets you take time-bound tests that will assist you in determining how much time you have spent on an average in solving a particular question. The previous year papers also help you in avoiding situations where you might be stuck over a single low-scoring question and thereby neglecting other high-scoring questions in the exam.

By calculating the actual speed, you can improve your time management skills and perform well in the CBSE Class 12 exams. Sample test series aid you in building a winning exam temperament for your upcoming boards.

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Track Level of Preparation

Once you have completed the entire curriculum of Class 12, you can start your practice from last years’ papers. By practicing previous year papers, you can keep a check on your level of preparation for the board exams. Get a strong grip over the topics of the exam, good speed in writing the exam and also knowing strong and weak areas with the help of these last year papers.

Further, regular practice of the questions leads to the periodic monitoring of your overall performance and help you in obtaining the optimum marks in the CBSE board exams.

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Builds Speed & Accuracy

Experts believe that solving papers as much as possible help you to gain a good speed. Before start solving the mock test, you should set a deadline for solving questions so as to learn and practice time management. This way, you are surely going to increase your speed in solving questions.

Speed and accuracy are vital aspects to ace the exam cleverly as these two aspects come from the extensive practice of similar kind of questions. Hence, regular practice of solving previous years’ papers increases your speed, and aid you in taking comparatively lesser time in solving the complete paper in the exam. You must practice a good number of MCQs to build up speed and accuracy for your final examinations.

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Aids to Get Rid of the Exam Anxiety

The main purpose of sample test papers is helping you in getting rid of the exam fear.  Students are often so scared of facing the CBSE Class 12 board exams that they end up in getting the easier questions wrong.

Thus, when you solve sample test papers on a daily basis, your fear of board exam goes away. The final exam paper might also appear to you like just another test series where you can apply all your approaches and score the highest marks in the exam.

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Boosts Confidence

Solving CBSE Class 12 previous years papers gives you confidence and enhances your examination temperament. Solving more and more questions in a stipulated time frame is a must for you to get the real exam experience and a sense of self-assurance. The more papers you solve for your CBSE board exams the better are your chances of finishing the exam on time.

Taking a CBSE Class 12 previous year papers is an efficient way to prepare yourself for the board exams. While attempting the papers, ensure that you follow the strict timing to solve the paper and adhere to the guidelines, which are applicable in the real Class 12 exams. The practising of papers allow you to access your preparedness for the exams, and take necessary corrective actions.

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Class 12 is an important class as this is a stepping stone towards your bright future. So, not only cracking but you should aim to score the maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 board exams in order to get the dream career of your choice.

Thus, it is essential to solve previous year papers as it allows you in multiple ways by overall boosting your confidence for the exams.

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